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"The players of New York's Aulos Ensemble were fluid singers all, their lines never losing clarity or shape, always sounding flexible and spontaneous. This was authentic Baroque performance at its best."
The New York Times

"Just like its Dickensian namesake, The Aulos Ensemble's concert last night, titled "A Tale of Two Cities" rolled out London and Paris as backdrops for some of the most dramatic human expression the world has known. Performed by some of the finest period-instrument players around, last night's concert in Capital University's Mees Hall opened the 2014-15 Early Music in Columbus season with interpretations of utmost refinement."
The Columbus Dispatch

"The suites showcase a generous diversity of styles and genres, introduced by the hauntingly sparse musettes and soaringly beautiful menuet from Les Fêtes d'hébé and concluding with the majestic chaconne and jubilant tambourins of Les Indes galantes. The performers exhibit a masterfully controlled sense of ensemble throughout, and their precisely articulated delivery breathes with Rameau's subtly dramatic phrasal undulations. The effect is exquisite."
Early Music America

"The quintet by JC Bach opens the program and it is enthralling. The other chamber works are also joyously good. The sound is warm and the playing spirited and sensitive. There's no doubt that this is music you'll be eager to play or hear again."
American Record Guide

"The Aulos Ensemble have produced in this recording one of the most elegant and delightful collections of Christmas music to have graced my stereo system in some years. Beautifully programmed and masterfully played, this is a disc of rather constant delights. Amongst an entire disc of attractive music, there are some definite standouts. It is perhaps in the instrumental selections that the group shines brightest. Of particular merit are the two lovely works by Michel Corrette, and the delightful excerpts from Rameau's Les Fêtes d'hébé. I was also particularly enamored of the lovely renditions of the traditional carols. The arrangements were lively and varied, and performed with a graceful simplicity that was most fetching. Julianne Baird has at this point in her career achieved near legendary status as a singer of early music. In this recording she sings with an elegant sweetness that is most pleasant to the ear."
MusicWeb International

"This work {Acis and Galatea} is a little gem and Aulos polished it to a high luster. The Aulos players were their usual expert selves. In all, it was an utter delight. If the performers had changed their minds and offered a second run-through after all, many of the loudly appreciative audience members would surely have stayed to hear it again."
The New York Times

"The Aulos Ensemble, together since 1973, helped solidify today's period-instrument movement in this country. The group's five instrumentalists long ago mastered their instruments and the strict bounds of style and convention in 18th century music. Audiences who entered that refined world of music on Monday were treated to an evening of lively phrasing and dashing ensemble work, in partnership with distinguished soprano Julianne Baird. Baird, who for years has set the standard for Baroque singing, was at her best in the slower music, which allowed her to phrase with grace and poise, spinning out notes with a lovingly extended tone. 'Bist du bei mir' was a highlight of the evening , an exquisite meditation on faith in the face of death."
The Oregonian

"Julianne Baird and her frequent collaborator, the period-instrument group The Aulos Ensemble, offer some of the fruits of their many Christmas concerts together in a pleasingly varied, Baroque-focused program of vocal and instrumental works. Corrette's Noel Provencal, an instrumental number that closes the disc, is a wild, wonderful, colorful rustic dance that leaves you smiling and uplifted, a perfect complement to the opening In Dulci Jubilo."
Classics Today

"The Aulos Ensemble at its best produced utterly compelling results. The poise and fantasy in the Largo of Vivaldi's Concerto in G minor was one of those magical moments that makes concert-going a worthy adventure. The sweetness of the old oboe was delightful all night. So too was flutist Christopher Krueger's playing of Vivaldi's Concerto "del Gardellino". The gently beautiful sonorities of his wooden flauto traverso were enchanting on its own. His inflection of solo lines was artistry of the highest order. The concert reached a superb finale with Bach's Suite No. 1 for Orchestra, played one-to-a part with lively but not rushed tempos."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The performances were by far the most exhilarating examples of Baroque playing that these ears have heard. Schachman's realization of Handel's D major Concerto a Quattro was played with a warmth, a gentility and a singing quality that cannot be surpassed."
The San Francisco Examiner

"Without question, the ensemble is among our very finest. Its baroque instruments are played with impeccable intonation and superb togetherness, and with that vitality, variety, and personality rare not only for Telemann, but for us, too. There are minds and hearts at work here, at last liberated from the instrumental method books of the 18th century."
High Fidelity/Musical America

"Over the past 16 years the Aulos Ensemble has established an enviable reputation as a pioneering period-instruments group, not only exploring widely the literature of Baroque chamber music, but setting a rarely matched standard for stylistic expertise and artistic vibrancy."
American Record Guide

"American group gets 'A' in French. The Aulos Ensemble takes its name from a Greek woodwind instrument, but the American group connected to the spirit and style of the French baroque in its delightful concert Sunday at the Cleveland Museum of Art. In the Indian suite, the musicians had fun painting the composer's tone portraits of "Les Sauvages","Les Esclaves africains", Les Incas du Perou". and other exotic subjects. In pieces about warriors marching and a rose blowing in the wind, the players created vivid imagery. With the fanfares of the Chaconne and the gleaming merriment of "Tambourins", they lifted the royal music to a shining summit worthy of the Sun King."
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The Aulos Ensemble's playing is so untroubled and brilliant, so perfect, so absolute! It is the highest level of musicmaking"
Alte Musik Aktuell
(Regensburg, Germany)

"The Aulos Ensemble with Julianne Baird, the yearly ornament in front of the Neapolitan Christmas Tree, is joined by Drew Minter. If it has to be just one Christmas concert, this is it!"
The New York Times

"Last night's concert by The Aulos Ensemble in Dallas Brooks Hall can be reviewed in only one way-with joy and unreserved enthusiasm. The program was played not only with a consummate mastery of style but a gentleness and grace that will long be remembered. It was, in fact, one of the most delightful concerts of the year"
Melbourne, Australia

"The Aulos Ensemble has been together since 1973, helping to pioneer today's period-instrument movement. Thanks to groups such as Aulos, performances on early instruments no longer seem exotic or experimental. Those who entered that refined world of music Sunday were treated to an afternoon of elegance and surprising variety."
The Washington Post

"The Aulos Ensemble's recording has me scurrying for superlatives. What can I say? The music is wonderful; the scholarship exemplary; the performances distinguished."

"The most distinguished aspect of the evening was the exemplary matching of inflection, phrasing, ornamentation, and feeling by the members of The Aulos Ensemble"
The New Yorker

"Topping the list is 'A Baroque Christmas from the Metropolitan Museum of Art' with Julianne Baird and The Aulos Ensemble. Baird remains a captivating exponent of early music and her cool soprano is heard at its most serene. The five-member period-instrument consort, which frequently performs at the Metropolitan in New York, delivers wonderfully stylish and imaginative accompaniments. A great selection!"
San Francisco Examiner

"Aulos Ensemble is joyfully Baroque". The shift to authentic instruments or copies of same for the playing of Baroque and other early music has become prevalent today. Whether it is a good idea may be open to question but doubts vanish when the performing group is The Aulos Ensemble. In addition to the high quality of the performances-possibly attributable to instrumental specialization- a major asset was their apparent joy in performing."
Toronto Globe and Mail

"The Aulos Ensemble applied impeccable craftsmanship to intimately acquaint a Charleston Chamber Music Society audience with music of the Baroque era. For the lovers of Baroque music, Saturday's concert was a jewel. For those never initiated, it was an experience to be remembered. Overall, it was a accepted as a special presentation by the Chamber Music Society of great, expertly played music"
Charleston Daily Mail

"The readings were uniformly dynamic and filled with grand sweep. Precision, coupled with excellent intonation, characterized the entire program and culminated in a Vivaldi concerto of outstanding ensemble phrasing, lovely solo statements and jovial drive."
The Berkshire Eagle

"The annual concerts by the Aulos Ensemble in front of the Neapolitan Christmas tree in the Medieval Sculpture Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art have become one of the most charming musical celebrations of the season in New York"
The New York Times

"A group of instrumentalists who play baroque music in a manner that compoungs skill, high spirits, and good information"
Boston Globe

"All of them are rendered with remarkable virtuosity and elegance of detail by the members of The Aulos Ensemble. The melodies are clear and incisive, and there's a rhythmic flexibility to the performances that lets the music breathe. This is the rare Telemann recording that simply refuses to function as background music--the music sounds so splendid that it compels attention"
San Francisco Chronicle

"The Aulos players are accomplished both as individuals and as team members, and, of course, the make-up of the Ensemble permits a wide variety of instrumental experiences. Aulos brings a skill and intelligence to its music that are both unusual and refreshing. MHS's digital recording is intimate and natural. The album is a pleasure throughout, and will certainly be among the selections I am considering for our year-end summary; it gets my highest recommendation."

"Full of an Irresistible Rhythmic Life" It may be some indication of the quality, substance, and beauty of 'An Evening in the Home of J.S. Bach', a concert given recently in the Main Theater of the University of California, Davis, by the touring Aulos Ensemble, that one left with the thought: If only Bach could have been there to hear it. There was warmth and cheer aplenty in the performing, plus a musicianship and a sense of style that surely would have gladdened the composer."
The Sacramento Bee

"Aulos Ensemble leaves audience spellbound. Music like that played by the Aulos Ensemble and sung by soprano Julianne Baird in Saturday evening's concert makes one wonder why composers ever moved beyond the perfection of the Baroque. The program was that spellbinding. The members of the new York early-music ensemble played with precision, yet with a tenderness altogether appropriate for their music."
News Journal, Daytona Beach

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